A collage of playful memories and experience is what moves me to build and create. From the shelves of antique and comic book stores, to the thoughts of cherished moments or a found object from the street, I find direction and meaning. Fueled by the desire to construct, no matter the medium, I draw from the images and properties of childhood curiosities as a foundation for my work. I am allured to art as a means of exploration and expression of my interests. Though I develop work that is tangible, I consider the response of the viewer to be the true product of my work.  Expressing myself through art is a way to explore the enjoyment of creating something that is visually and symbolically inviting to others. 

Time Machine “Boompa” 

Dedicated to my grandfather, “Boompa” was inspired by my lifelong love of classic cars and surreal memories of amusement parks and arcades. It is a time machine where significant objects of my childhood memory are recreated into a vehicle of transcendence. It’s a mechanism by which one can bridge the present with another time. The operator activates the machine with a coin and some imagination. With the turn of a dial and the pull of some levers, the traveler is enveloped by the lights and sounds, transfixed by the mechanisms, and entranced by the monumental lines of paint and chrome. Instantly, the driver is delivered to a time and place when mechanical amusements provided a classically magical experience.

Iron Clad I-V

Often unseen and underappreciated, common household irons all over the world maintain the fabric of our lives like no other. They are like humble janitors dedicated to making garments and wearer’s look and feel their very best. Despite their heavy and heated careers, and determined to leave a good impression, they unselfishly press through thick and thin to maintain order and beauty in our lives.

Adolescent Allure

Dear Gun,

I admit that living in your world has been both fascinating and frightening. Even I have been drawn to the feel of your powers in my hands, yet I am fearful of how others will handle you. I know that you are impartial and ready to act, but do you consider the consequences before doing so? 

Your allure knows no age or gender and I worry that you may go off half-cocked and do something horrific. Be aware of your attraction to children and avoid any unnecessary influence if possible. Pretending to be a device of play and joy confuses children. Your very presence may send the wrong message so please stop disguising yourself as fun and playful. Do you feel a responsibility to the children of this world to set a precedent of safety and accountability? I urge you to defy your handlers and refrain from acting when they are unjust and ignorant. Are you willing to except the responsibility of teaching children the dangers of interacting with you? With humanity seemingly bearing no responsibility, I implore you to consider this just cause. 

With respect and fear, 
Tony Esola